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Welcome to my page! Thats me to the left doing what I love to do...being outdoors that is. I've been fortunate enough to live in New England, North Carolina, and the North Woods of Michigan. I presently live near Brevard, in the mountains of western North Carolina, with my two boys Alex and Chris.

Hiking is what I live for but I also enjoy touring historical sites or just travelling for no better reason than to see something new. Historic sites and waterfalls are some of my favorite things to explore when I'm not on the trail...likely because they are so darn photogenic! Many of my recent trips (2007-2012)center around the Upper Great Lakes while earlier years (2005-2006) and now presently (2012-on) I am spending wandering the mountains of western North Carolina and the southeast. I like to get out and about as much as I can, so its hard telling where I'll end up next! I invite you to stop back as often as you like and come with me on my latest adventure!!

Hope you enjoy looking around!

"All my life, people have asked the question, directly or indirectly, "Why the hell do you climb mountains?" I can't explain this to other people. I love the physical exertion. I love the wind, I love the storms: I love the fresh air. I love the companionship in the outdoors. I love the reality. I love the change. I love the oneness with nature: I'm hungry; I enjoy clear water. I enjoy being warm at night when its cold outside. All those simple things are extremely enjoyable because, gosh, you're feeling them, you're living them, you're senses are really feeling, I can't explain it." --Paul Petzoldt (founder of NOLS)

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